Job Scams

Beware of unsolicited emails

Job seekers should beware of unsolicited emails from anyone claiming to be a recruiter from Arvato, as job scams are becoming more common.

These emails are intended to deceive potential applicants to provide personal information that may be used for criminal purposes. Arvato recruiters will approach candidates from authorized Arvato LinkedIn, Indeed or email accounts with the company’s domain, Review the domain name carefully to identify those that may look similar but are fraudulent (e.g.

Common scam attributes include:

  1. The email is unsolicited. You did not contact the company about the job.
  2. The recruiter asks you to pay an application or job training fee.
  3. Their website looks like it was hastily built and has grammatical mistakes, the job description is vague, and there isn’t any direct contact to speak with at the organization.
  4. The email is from a domain not associated with the company (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).
  5. The email does not address you by name. It may address you as: “Hi Job Seeker.”
  6. You are asked to continue the conversation by text or via social media.
  7. You are asked for personal information, including financial information.
  8. You are provided a link to a form with a URL that is different from Arvato’s URL format.
  9. The email contains grammatical or spelling errors.
  10. The contact information from the sender does not match the email address from which it was sent.
  11. A job is offered way too quickly, and you’ve never met or seen the interviewer or gone into an office.

If you suspect that you have received an unsolicited email or communication from someone claiming to work at Arvato, do not respond to the email, click on any links or open any attachments. If you think you may be a victim of fraud, please report it to our Risk and Compliance team at In addition, you should also report it to your local authorities or the Federal Trade Commission.